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ATO Compare Lodged Darwin BAS for Irregularities; We Ensure You Comply

Adhering to the various GST regulations as stipulated by the Australian Tax Office is sometimes challenging. You will never regret entrusting your BAS submissions to Complete Bookkeeping Darwin, as we are dedicated to caring for your business as we do our own. 

Tips Regarding Bas Agent Winnellie and Darwin

There are various services which are often considered BAS services when they are not. Ensure that your BAS Agent in Winnellie is registered with the applicable authorities.

  • BAS Agent: Being registered BAS Agents, we provide all BAS-related services such as confirming the withholding tax obligations for your employees, advising on registration for GST and PAYG and preparation and lodging of monthly or annual payroll reports to the ATO on your behalf.
  • ATO compliance: Compliance to the ATO in Winnellie and elsewhere comprises four main pillars: correct registration in the system, lodging tax on time, reporting correct and accurate information and paying due GST liabilities on time. The tax offices have supplied strong incentives to motivate you to obtain a TFN Number (Tax file number); for example, not having a TFN number could result in you being taxed at the highest marginal rates on your income.
  • Proficiency: To achieve maximum benefit from complying to all four pillars of the ATO, it is advisable to make use of the services of a registered BAS Agent who is trained and can correctly guide you in an ATO mutually beneficial approach to all BAS and IAS-related matters.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding BAS in Darwin

Mistakes can be costly and should be avoided whenever possible. We understand what the ATO expects of you and can help you avoid common errors such as:

  • Incorrect tax codes on software: All accounting systems have tax codes, yet not understanding what they refer to can lead to businesses losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We are well versed in the various groups of codes and educate our customers about the implication of these tax groups on their business.
  • Non-reportable for GST: People often use this code for GST free transactions and vice-versa. This code is for a limited list of transactions such as stamp duty, salaries and wages and bank transfers between accounts.
  • Omitting cash transactions: It’s a mistake to try and exclude cash transactions from your BAS returns, as the ATO systems have sophisticated data matching capabilities. This aspect is where a registered BAS agent becomes an invaluable part of your financial team.

Don’t fall into the trap of not asking for assistance when you need it – let us take care of the paperwork while you run your business.

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Our owner-operated business, with more than two decades’ experience in business management and bookkeeping, ensures that you consistently receive exceptional quality and personalised attention. We are an MYOB partner, Xero-certified advisor, QuickBooks consultant and a member of the Australian Bookkeepers Network.

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